Upcoming Events

Please join the ever-changing, lively discussion during our learning events,
even if you haven’t learned with us before!



Mishmar Chavura 

Thursday nights from 9pm – 11pm

  • Parsha Learning and Discussion
  • Everyone welcome to join the conversation
  • 5240 38th Ave. NE
  • Snacks served


Fire, Music and Torah:

Motzie Lag B’Omer Learning

Thursday May 26th from 8pm – 11pm

  • 7056 34th Ave. NE
  • Paul and Danielle’s Home
  • Nosh, Fire, Music, Song, Torah


Shabbos and Shavuot:

All Night Learning, Netz Tefilla, Community Meal

June 10th – 13th


  • Friday Night Tefillah – Jason and Jane’s Home; 6011 37th Ave
  • Friday Night DInner – Rachel and Avi’s; 5240 38th Ave. NE RSVP: here
  • Saturday Night Maariv – Jason and Jane’s
  • Saturday Night all night Learning – Jason and Jane’s
  • Sunday morning Netz Tefillah  – Jason and Jane’s
  • Monday Lunch – Park Picnic













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