Upcoming Events

Special Thursday Night Learning
Thursday evening,  January 15th from 9pm – 11pm

  • Please join us for learning the night before, Please G-d, the newest Rosenfeld’s brit milah! Please join us for a night of learning, munchies, and niggunim known in different communities as the Brit Yitzchak, Tikkun Eliyahu or Vach Nacht.
  • At Rachel and Rabbi Avi’s: 5240 38th Ave NE

Ongoing Mishmar Chabura Learning

Thursday evenings,  January 22nd and 29th from 9pm – 10:30pm

  • At Rachel and Rabbi Avi’s: 5240 38th Ave NE
  • Snacks Served
  • Come Join the Lively Discussion and Learning
Shabbat Tefillah; including Kiddish Lunch
Saturday, January 31st starting at 9am
  • Location TBD
  • Parve/Dairy Kiddush Lunch
  • Learning
  • Toys and Games for Children
  • And Please Bring Some Friends to Join Us
Mercaz Shabbat Mincha–Third Meal–Maariv–Havdallah and  Maleva Malka
Saturday, January 31st from 3:15 – 6:15
  • Meeting at Congregation Emanuel: 3412 NE 65th St
  • This is a Mercaz event–we are renting Emanuel (thank you Emanuel for renting to us!).
  • The Mercaz mechitza will be used for the tefillah, all are welcome to join us!
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