Upcoming Events

Please join the ever-changing, lively discussion during our learning events,
even if you haven’t learned with us before!


Summer Mercaz Shabbat Tefillah

Shabbat Mornings: August 1st and August 15th

  • Aug 1’s service will be hosted by Ben & Sarah Dershowitz. 3302 NE 75th St.
    Aug 15th’s service will also be at 9am, location to be announced.
  • Kiddush after Tefillah. Please email Rachel Rosenfeld at rachelirosenfeld@gmail.com to be matched with a host for Shabbat lunch.
  • We have a few extra siddurim and chumashim, please feel free to bring your own from home.
  • Children’s groups for two ages: Tot Shabbat for ages 4 and under and Shabbat Club for ages 5-9.  10:30 start time.


Learning with Yiscah Smith Visiting from Jerusalem

Tuesday, August 18th at 8pm

  • At the home of Lynn Katz: 7326 50th Avenue NE, Seattle 98115
  • We will explore sections from “The Quest for Authenticity:  The Thoughts of Reb Simhah Bunim” (of Preshishka, d.1827), Michael Rosen, Urim Publications, 2008.  “The emphasis was not on trying to understanding God, but on trying to understand oneself.  It was clear to Reb Simhah Bunim that one could not stand with any sense of integrity before the Divine Presence unless one first had some clarity of who one really was.”


Ongoing mishmar chavura learning on the parasha
Thursday evenings 9-10:30pm (We Will Not Be Meeting on June 18th or 25th but Will Meet for the Remainder of the Summer)

  • Snacks served
  • Everyone welcome
  • Rachel & R’ Avi’s home: 5240 38th Ave NE


Ongoing Mishnah/Gemara class with R’ Harry Zeitlin
Every Shabbat 3-4pm

  • In the beit midrash behind R’ Zeitlin’s house, at 6523 39th Ave NE
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